1. Be sure to choose a side to live by in life

    you can either be moral

    Or you can be ethical 


  2. In the passing of months

    I realized I was living with a skin disorder.

    most people do

    because I found myself questioning

    why I belonged in mine


  3. I had everything I wanted

    But not everything I needed


  4. When I had opened that door 

    I didn’t expect my mind

    to become rushed with memories

    all because of your familiar sent


  5. I laid on the thin cot 

    staring at the ceiling 

    watching the slow twirl of the fan

    drag the shadows across the room


  6. It was the smartest

    And dumbest thing I ever did

    Use someone.


  7. Haskins

    Nevermore had I wanted to feel

    your muscles from your arm against my chest

    as I hear you call me “little lady” once more


  10. Halloween taught us when we were younger

    That people have no issue in dressing up

    and pretending to be something they’re not


  11. If abandonment won’t kill you,

    then the only person that matters 

    is yourself.


  12. But we didn’t stay with each other 

    Because we feared losing

    something we never had